Jim Corbett Attractions

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Corbett not only provides shelter to the tigers but it is also a source of its prey. The major attraction of Corbett national park is its wildlife. Here you will find wild boar, four types of Deer and many unknown animals. In most of the hilly areas in Corbett you will find leopards. Few nocturnal cats seen here are known as Leopard cat, fishing Cat and jungle cat. In the lower regions of the park you will notice Sloth Bear whereas in tee higher hilly regions you will be able to see Himalayan Black Bear. Wild dog or the Dole can be seen in the southern regions of Corbett along with Jackal. Elephant are the major attraction of the Jim Corbett national park. Rhesus Monkeys and Langur are spread through out the park; they warn the entire jungle with their alarm calls while they see a tiger or the leopard from the tree-top perches. When you are in Corbett don’t forget elephant rides because they are too adventurous and enjoyable. 

The other nearby attraction is Ramnagar, which is located in the wealthy farm of the Terai. On the south eastern end of the great Corbett National park, busy market town of the Ramanagar is one of the main administrative centres for the Corbett national park as well as project Tiger. This place makes a great fishing camp.  

Jeeps safari is also one of the major attraction in Corbett. It is the most convenient and comfortable way to complete the journey ofcorbett national park. In fact they can also be rented for the trips of Park from Ramnagar, from KMYN tourist lodge and few more travel agencies. Banking and other services are also available in Ramnagar. When you are planning to visit Corbett then don’t forget to carry your binoculars and don’t bring bright color clothes.