Jim Corbett Temperature

The temperature of Jim Corbett is quite low during the winter season and high in summers. The place experiences temperate type of climate. Like other places, Jim Corbett experiences three types of climate – Summer, Monsoon and Winter. The wildlife of Jim Corbett is well adapted to these seasonal variations.

November to March – Temperature ranges from 5-25°C

April to October - Temperature ranges from 15-38°C


The place experiences the hottest of temperature from March to mid of June. During this time the temperature can cross even 40 o C. The weather during this time becomes unbearable for the tourist we well as for the locals and animals. Also, one can experience the hot wind that blows throughout the daytime. Due to this thick cloud develops over the region that is cleared by thunderstorms.


One can experience monsoon from mid of June that lasts till October. This is truly a respite from the scorching heat of summers. The temperature drops and the weather becomes pleasant during this time. However, during the rainy season the National Park is closed as it the animal’s mating season. Apart from this, during the rainy season the area is prone to landslides and soil erosion. Also, the weather becomes sultry as the humidity soars to 98 percent.


The month from November to February is the coolest and ideal season to explore this season. The humidity level drops to 57 percent and the weather is also pleasant. Also, animals are well seen during winter time. During the night the temperature might drop down to 5o C to make sure you have enough woollens and other winter clothes. During the daytime the temperature is delightful. Local wind 'dadu' blows during the night that lowers the temperature significantly.